The purpose of ADA signs is to make public places, facilities, and buildings accessible and usable by people with physical disabilities. ADA signs allow all people to without difficulty discover rooms or areas within any construction without issue.

ADA Braille signs are not only used in hotels, offices, and hospitals. It can be utilized in a snack location, a gift store, waiting rooms, a health club, a mail room, or even in centers with a room for coats, the ADA specifies that you have to install a tactile Braille sign. ADA gets the right of entry to; and includes necessities for signage that may be comfortably located and smooth to read visually and through tactile contact.

Braille is a system of writing and reading for the use of blind and partially sighted people. Braille is not a language. It’s miles a code through which all languages can be written and studied. The use of Braille allows blind people to review and study the written word. Braille enables children who are unable to examine print to come to be literate and allows adults who’ve misplaced the capacity to study because of blindness or low vision to maintain to enjoy books, newspapers, and magazines.

Creative Dimension is able to provide Braille signs to all commercial patrons. These signs and symptoms are fade-resistant, and mild in weight. Furthermore, these symptoms are dependable in nature and are crack resistant. Our Braille Signs are manufactured with durable materials using highly advanced technology.

Creative Dimension is capable of making ADA and Braille signs in the following materials:

Types of Plates

  • ABS
  • Traffolyte
  • Polycarbonate
  • Acrylic
  • Anodized Aluminium
  • Stainless Steel
  • Brass