Screen printing is apparently the most adaptable of all printing processes. Therefore, it is one of the earliest methods of printing. It includes passing ink or every other printing medium thru a mesh or ‘display screen’ which has been spread over a body and onto which a stencil has been applied.

It is used to print on a wide combination of substrates including paper, steel, surface, plastic, glass, paperboard, and various materials. Our cutting-edge screen printings facilities are equipped for imprinting on different surfaces like texture, metal, clay, wood, and plastic, or on items like mugs, pens, corporate gifts, and substantially more.

An important function of screen printings is that a more thickness of ink may be applied to the substrate than with different printings techniques. This permits some very thrilling effects that aren’t viable using different printing methods. Due to the simplicity of the software process, a wider variety of inks and colors can be available for use in display screen printings than in any other printings process.

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