Printing – Silk Screen Printing, UV printing, Large format printing

Creative Dimension has established a dynamic presence withinside the area of professional printing through the years and holds the identity of the biggest Screen Printing, UV Printing, and Large Format Digital Printing Company in Dubai. Hence, our key benefit is the successful combination of two independent production units, the artwork of display printing, and the developing generation of UV printing and screen printing. We also provide printing solutions for both indoor and outdoor advertising needs.

Our large format digital and UV eco-friendly printing services are provided using a wide range of materials such as vinyl, paper, wallpaper, fabric, textured media, back-lit and self-adhesive materials, wood, glass, and more.

Our state-of-the-art screen printing centers can print on quite a few surfaces which include fabric, metal, ceramic, wood, and plastic, or on products which include mugs, pens, corporate gifts, and lots more.

The exceptional printing quality and speed of our printers make our services highly economical and time-saving. Moreover, owing to the superior quality inks, our large format printing services are renowned for their color accuracy and great print quality with vibrant colors.

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UV Printing & Screen Printing

Silk Screen Printing

Screen printing is apparently the most adaptable of all printing processes. Therefore, it is one of the earliest methods of printing. Furthermore, it includes passing ink or every other printing medium thru a mesh or ‘display screen’ which has been spread over a body and onto which a stencil has been applied. So, it is used to print on a wide combination of substrates including paper, steel, surface, plastic, glass

UV Printing & Screen Printing

UV Printing

Ultra Violet Link (UV ink) is used in ultraviolet printing (UV printing) which is used as an alternative to conventional inks. UV printing is also called green technology. The difference between UV ink and traditional ink is that UV ink is dried using UV light whereas, in the traditional method, ink is dried by allowing the ink and chemicals to evaporate.

UV Printing & Screen Printing

Digital Outdoor & Indoor Printing

Outdoor banners and displays play an intrinsic role in growing the visibility area of any commercial enterprise entity regardless of its location. So be it a trade fair, a conference or an exhibition, a high-quality indoor or outdoor banner can make all the difference. So, we offer digital printing on long-lasting substances for all outdoor and indoor print needs.