Creative Dimension provides the best fire detection system for building service that will improve the safety of your buildings. Sprinkler Identification Labels, Wet Riser Identification Labels, Dry Riser Identification Labels, Fire Fighting Equipment Labels, Fire Safety Signs, Fire Action Signs, Fire Exit Signs, Fire Equipment Signs, Fire Door Signs, Fire Assembly Signs, Fire Extinguisher Signs, Fire Instruction Underground Signs for warning tapes and more. We have the expertise and products to offer all buildings with safety and caution through our fire detection systems. Our range of signs is designed to meet current fire safety regulations. Our firefighting marking tape and labels help you quickly tell what’s in a pipe and make it easy and cost-effective to label your pipe and stay compliant with OSHA/ANSI/ASME/BS standards.

  • Fire action signal
  • Fire equipment signs
  • Fire exit signs
  • Fire shelter sign
  • Fire instruction sign
  • Fire assembly signs
  • Fire door signs
  • Fire fighter id signs
  • Firefighting equipment sign