• Digital Printing

Creative Dimension offers a completely new way of thinking about your brand and its overall look and feel. If you want less number of prints, then you can opt for digital printing and that too quickly. Our experienced team of designers and printers provides the best printing solutions that deliver the fastest messages at the best quality and best prices.

  • Event Branding

Event branding and brand identity are important elements in the marketing mix. Creative Dimension ensures that your brands are always included in your events. Such integration can be either as complex as creating a corporate identity or tagline or as simple as creating a logo. Consistency is extremely important as it is the basic key to being implemented in branding events. Our branding is so important that it creates a positive insight and provides a picture of the event that perfectly conveys the company’s message to its audience.

  • Trade Show Branding

Creative Dimension has made a name for itself in successful and efficient branding. Hence, we know that one of the key ways to promote a brand is through trade shows. Live performances, demonstrations, and crowd-pulling events have proven to be effective in trade show branding. So, this results in an increase in the sales of different products belonging to a brand.

  • Portable Display Stand

If you want long-lasting and recyclable displays for events, then portable display stands are the best choice. Creative Dimension is very expert in manufacturing such portable display stands which are an indispensable marketing tool in exhibitions as these portable display stands are the easiest and simplest way to display products and services at shows to attract visitors to your exhibition pavilions or promotional booths. One of the ways.

  • Vehicle Wrap

Creative Dimension offers customized vehicle graphics and related print materials ranging from cars to large commercial vehicles. Hence, it is a type of print advertisement where a vehicle is completely cover or completely wrap with colorful images. Earlier, hand painting was done on vehicles for the purpose of branding. Now, vehicle wrapping has gained prominence. Large printed vinyl sheets are used and can be easily attached and removed from the vehicles. The biggest advantage of vehicle wrapping is that full artwork of full-color photographs of the company can be used which provides more appeal.

  • Point of Purchase Poster

Purchase posters work great when the posters convey very attractive products and services in which the customers decide on their purchase. Colorful digital posters are used to create a visual impact at the point of sale. These posters include colorful graphics and logos that attract attention and are also reasonably priced.

  • Light Boxes

Creative Dimensions, a leading supplier of visual presentation solutions, offers the widest selection of illuminated LED and fluorescent light box display systems on the market today. we’ve got a wide sort of products in popular sizes, finishes, and styles – available. in addition, we will produce flexible custom merchandise along with big-format light boxes and other creative image answers for both indoor and outside use.

  • Special Promotion Table

Special promotional tables and counters are an easy and fast way to set up a kiosk in a uniform space that makes a great impact and a lasting impression. Ample space is available on the countertop to store your flyers, brochures, product samples, and related stationery

  • Promotional Display

A point-of-sale show (POS) is a specialized form of sales promotion observed at, near, or subsequent to a checkout counter (“factor of sale”). They are intended to attract customer attention to products, which may be new products, or maybe on special offer, and are also used to promote special events.

  • Backdrop Banner

Creative Dimension is well known for its custom backdrops. Very vibrant and attractive colors are used in high resolution. So, it proves to be one of the best backgrounds for photos as our backgrounds are matte finish, smooth and antiglare. The backdrops made by Creative Dimension are widely used in a lot of functions and events like events, press conferences, parties, charity, social events, etc.

  • Flags

Creative Dimension also offers a variety of flags that improve brand promotion and brand acceptance. Hence, our team always strives to create innovative and new designs for each flag emanating from the creative dimension that the brand stands for. Our flags are made from superior-quality fabric and the poles also are made from the strongest composite pipe that is lightweight.

  • Island Display

Island display technology is now widely used in supermarkets and department stores. When the goods are separately structured or placed in a quickly visible part somewhere within the store, which offers a view from multiple angles, it definitely attracts customers and hence it is a very effective tool. Products that are prone to hanging back on the shelves certainly attract attention which results in merchandise sales.